Toots and journalBefore the sun comes up on any given morning, you can find freelance writer Leslie J. Wyatt with a cup of good coffee and a gray calico shadow-of-a-cat snoozing nearby. Leslie is an author, writing coach, editor, and content writer, so at any given time she may be interviewing editors and experts of all kinds, researching topics ranging from chicken tractors to psychology, deep into book-writing territory, or chatting with one of her writing students on such topics as plotting, show-don’t-tell, or some other aspect of the writing craft.

In addition to her three historical novels, Leslie has published over 500 articles and stories in various magazines, websites, and anthologies, is editor/writer on staff with Catalyst Coffee Consulting, she contributes to such companies as Crema.coHobby FarmsHobbyfarm.com, Writer’s Guides, and more.

You can email her at lesliejwyatt@gmail.com, find her at www.lesliejwyatt.com, search her on LinkedIn, tweet her @lesliejwyatt or access her Facebook author page. Read her musings about life, love, and the wonder and wisdom in the everyday on her blog, www.journeywithhonor.blogspot.com