Level One Coaching

 Everything you’ve wanted to know about writing for children and adults, but didn’t know who to ask!

 When I started out as a writer, I had so many questions. Perhaps the first and most pressing one was whether what I was writing was any good at all. I loved it (we writers love our words, don’t we), but would anyone else? And how would I ever know, because I had no clue how to format or how or where to submit my creations. Voice? I didn’t quite understand what that was, so how would I find my own? Actually, just trying to find time to write in the midst of life was a challenge in itself. What I would have given for someone to coach me in my writing journey!

Now, 20 years, several courses, 350+ articles and stories, and three novels later, those questions are no longer mysteries to me. Perhaps because of my journey, I love helping other writers pursue their writing dreams and become skilled and knowledgeable in their wordcrafting. It is my belief that we can never have too many writers. No one can express what you have to say in quite the same way you do, and the world is waiting! I want to help you find your voice and follow your heart as you pursue your writing dream. My goal is to do such a great job coaching that you feel empowered, equipped, encouraged, and accompanied in your journey.

Here are some of the areas we can explore together:

  •  Book writing
  • Capturing Family history for yourself or for publication
  • Character development
  • Copyright concerns
  • Cover letters
  • Fiction
  • Finding markets
  • Formatting
  • Ideation
  • Interviewing
  • Integrating interviews and info into articles
  • Magazine writing Adults/children
  • Memoirs
  • Non-fiction
  • Pacing
  • Personal essays
  • Plots and plot arc
  • Queries
  • Research writing
  • Revision
  • Structure and rhythm
  • Submitting your manuscripts
  • Surviving rejection
  • Synopses
  • Tension
  • Tracking submissions
  • Working with editors
  • Writing bibliographies

And more! 

 Level One

 One 1-hour Skype session per month

  • Topics can include discussion of your current work in progress (WIP), ongoing passions, goals, brainstorming, marketing and submission advice, questions you may have on various aspects, etc.
  • I will send a follow-up email within three day from the Skype date, giving a short re-cap of our conversation and any writing strategies/suggestions to implement for the month.

 1 manuscripts or a cap of 15 pages per month

  • This includes an initial read-through/review with comments, an editorial email to give input, plus an additional email exchange within the month of any revision of the same manuscript(s)/pages and my subsequent comments. Cover and/or query letters can be included in this 15 page limit.

Writer’s Toolbox

  • The toolbox will include basic submission info including formatting, pitching, etc.
  • Resource suggestions as indicated by area of interest or need explored during our monthly Skype sessions.
  • One market/publisher suggestion I think might be a good fit for your current WIP.

Total price for Level One: $100.00 per month, due upon monthly invoice.

Minimum contract 3 months, renewed quarterly or biannually.