Level Two Coaching

+ One 1.5-hour Skype session per month

  • Topics can include discussion of your current work in progress (WIP), ongoing passions, goals, brainstorming, marketing and submission advice, questions you may have on various aspects, etc.
  • I will send a follow-up email within three day from the Skype date, giving a short re-cap of our conversation and any writing strategies/suggestions to implement for the month.

 + 2 manuscripts or a cap of 25 pages per month

  • This includes an initial read-through/review with comments, an editorial email to give input, plus an additional email exchange within the month of any revision of the same manuscript(s)/pages and my subsequent comments. Cover and/or query letters can be included in this 25 page limit.

+ Writer’s Toolbox

  • The toolbox will include basic submission info including formatting, pitching, etc.
  • Resource suggestions as indicated by area of interest or need explored during our monthly Skype sessions.
  • 1-2 market/publisher suggestions I think might be a good fit for your current WIP.

Total price for Level Two: $175.00 per month, due upon monthly invoice.

Minimum contract 3 months, renewed quarterly or biannually.